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Site 12
Luding Bridge, Sichuan Province
Moxi, Sichuan Province
Xichang, Sichuan Province
Maotai, Guizhou Province
Zunyi, Guizhou Province
On the Train
Lugu Lake, Yunnan Province
Lijiang, Yunnan Province
Kunming, Yunnan Province
On the Road in Guangxi
Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province
Ruijin, Jiangxi Province


Works that are realized throughout the course of the Long March




Long March Project ¨C A Walking Visual Display

In 1999, Lu Jie (artist, curator and founder of Long March Project) was determined to find a way in which knowledge concerning history and culture could be more engaged and accessible to a broader society and so he wrote a 90 page curatorial precise that explored China¡¯s Revolutionary Long March of 1934-36, as a methodology and departure point for further discussion.

At each of the sites that comprised this monumental journey of the Chinese Communist Party, Lu Jie proposed to hold artistic activities that engaged with historical events pertinent to each revolutionary site, presenting artistic material from China and abroad which challenged social, cultural, political and economic assumptions of social memory and lived experience.

This framework came to physical fruition in the first undertaking of the Long March Project in 2002, titled ¡®A Walking Visual Display¡¯, co-curated with artist Qiu Zhijie, and involved the re-tracing of this historical 6000 mile journey, in conjunction with over 250 artists, writers, theorists, curators and scholars, from China and abroad. On this journey new works were realized, Taking place in public parks and community halls; private living rooms and official government offices; involving lively debate concerning the ideological legacy of the Cultural Revolution and the comparative study of the birth of communism in China, Russia and Cuba¡­.and much more.

Performance, painting, photography, drawing, installation, poetry readings, sculpture, video, film screenings, forums and symposia took place and was vigorously documented, with press releases and online diaries being updated and launched while on the road. Artists flew in from far-flung corners to engage with local communities whose definition and understanding of what we consider to be ¡®contemporary¡¯ and what we consider to be ¡®art¡¯, was challenged and debated.

1. Ruijin

2. Jinggangshan

3. Guangxi

4. Kunming

5. Lijiang

6. Lugu Lake

7. On the Train 





12. Luding Bridge ¡­


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